Character Context, update(...) causes program crash

Character Context, update(...) causes program crash

Hi, this is my first post - hopefully I don't annoy anyone by being too vague, etc.

I've been trying to utilize the character control feature of Havok and have got it mostly going - except for one annoyance which it has introduced into my program. When I simply minimize my app, the program crashes. I've traced the cause of the crash to my one and only call to the update function on my character context object.
I've pretty much followed the following demo progam as provided in the SDK, line for line:


does anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing this as I am totally stumped. I should mention that I'm not explicity using any multi thread features of Havok.

Thanks in advance

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I'm really desperate on this one - Please, if anyone has any idea what so ever, don't hesitate to suggest it!!

Nothing in Havok should care about (or even know about) whether or not the window is minimized. Can you post some more information about the crash? See here for what we're looking for:

Without knowing anything else, my guess your physics timestep is equal to your graphics timestep, so when you minimize the window, that changes the timestep that you use to step Havok to 0, which might cause an assert somewhere. If that's the case, either don't step Havok when the timestep is 0, or keep the timestep locked to e.g. 1/30 or 1/60.


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