hkRagdoll class where?

hkRagdoll class where?


I see hkRagdoll class being reference in the sample code but nowhere can I see the class for this - so I get a compiler error for this one because I could not find the header file. The closest one I could find is hkaRagdoll.h.

Can someone tell me where is the hkRagdoll header files are?


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Hi mickeyren,

Are you getting this compile error when you build the demos or is it part of your own application? There shouldn't be any dependencies for hkRagdoll.h in the demos. hkRagdoll.h was from an older version of Havok.

If you are looking to use ragdolls in your application, you probably are looking to use hkaRagdollInstance. You can check out some demos on this. There is the AnimationApiRagdollPenetrationDetectionPenetrationDemo. There are several others.

Let me know if this works out for you.


Developer Support Engineer Havok

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