Mesh not attaching to skeleton in export.

Mesh not attaching to skeleton in export.

I've created a simple biped in Maya with a 60 frame animation. In Havok the mesh, skeleton and motion export fine but the mesh is not attaching to the skeleton. I've tried different settings in both the Create Skeletons and the Create Skins filters. I do get...

Create Skins Filter
Created 0 mesh binding(s), 0 attachment(s) the log window.

Am I skinning the mesh to the skeleton wrong in Maya or is there a filter setting that might help?


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Hi indhouse,

It sounds like you have the skin bound correctly to the skeleton in Maya and you have the correct export stack. You have CreateSkeletons before CreateSkins.

Can you add the ViewXML to the exporter and check the Scene Data? In there you should see an hkxSkinBinding. If that is there then the exporter can create skins, if not, it can't. If there is no hkxSkinBinding, then you might want to double check your Maya skin binding. From the hkxSkinBinding, it creates an hkaMeshBinding. This is probably not in the Animation Container of the XML as it currently is.

Are there any warnings being generated from the exporter or is there just no mesh binding being exported?


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