Drive a Blended ragdoll

Drive a Blended ragdoll

is possible to drive around ( i mean, walk around following the capsule controller position and orientation ) a belnded by animation ragdoll like the one in BlendTestDemo?

Like i said in my previous post i can drive the ragdoll fully keyframed( if i drive it i lose the blend ) or have a blended ragdoll that stays locked in the origin (0,0,0) like in BlendTestDemo.

Not the two togheter.

I am wondering if i am triyng to do something that is impossible to achieve.

To drive the ragdoll i use the methods in Penetration test demo, and it works, but ragdoll in that demo is fully ( static ) keyframed, not blended...

thanks in advance for your help.

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Hi guys,

maybe it's not an interesting subject, but nobody answering to my thread? ;-)

i'm really stuck with it.

Hi rijkaard73,

I'm looking at it. Please be patient.


Developer Support Engineer Havok

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