Where are the filter example projects?

Where are the filter example projects?

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I found this in section 7.6 of the SDK documentation:

"If you are a Havok Physics or Havok Complete customer (excluding Havok XS),
you may find helpful to take a look at the source for some of the filters
provided by the Havok SDK. You can use some of the simpler filters, like the
SceneTransform filter (in the hkfilterscene project) or the PruneTypes filter
(in the hkfilterasset project) as a template for your own filter. For

hctModelessFilterDescriptor, hctModelessFilter">modeless filters, check out the
ViewXml filter (in the hkfilterviewxml project). If you are
interested in invoking the filter manager DLL from your own application, you can
take a look at the standalone filter manager
(tools/standalonefiltermanager project) as an example."

I am looking for the hkfilterscene project. I found some header files in hk550SourceContentToolsCommonFiltersFilterSceneSceneTransform

These look like part of the project, but I can't seem to find any code that has an example of implementing a custom filter.
I did find the filter tutorial program, but what I want to do is more closely related to the scene transform filter.

Does anyone know where I can find this project that is referenced in the documentation or is the documentation out of date?

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Well, I was able to use the tutorial project to do what I need. I just stripped out the Tutorial stuff and had a nice clean slate.

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Hi jbrindle,

Glad you got it working. As it says in the docs, the source is available "excluding Havok XS," which is the same as tryHavok. The filter tutorial does a good job of showing how to set up a custom filter and it is documented.


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