rigid body character controllers & animation

rigid body character controllers & animation

i added the character controller (rigid body ) successfully with the preexisting states like hkCharacterStateOnGround,Jumping etc ,and it seems working fine

my problems now is it seems that i'll probably need to subclass those (or implement my own ) .

the questions

1-is it is possible from the OnGround state to differenciate between walking,running and non walking(there is most probaly something inbetween when the character trying to stop ) to be able to control the correct animations?

2-is it better to subclass the existing classes or create new one's? and if new one's is it possible to provide a sample with what usually need to be set in the case of a rigid body character controller (there is a sample but it use the phantom style ,i could get much sense from it because the function names are different)

Thanks and sorry for the long post

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1 - Maybe you can check the velocity and determine which state it's at between your animations by using thresholds?

e.g. a velocity of < 4 is standing still, > 3 and < 10 is walking, and so on.

2 - There are user states declared in the same place as the defaults, so you can use those for the hkpCharacterRigidBody or hkpCharacterProxy.

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