Definitive guide to graphics integration?

Definitive guide to graphics integration?


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Hello, no one cared to reply on my thread: [ Havok Physics for CGI? ].
So I decided to give it a last shot here. My question was, Can I use Havok physics engine for my short animations? If yes, How can I play the simulation inside Maya without using the external previewer? Please I need serious answers.

While this was not the intended purpose of the thread, I am not sure about Maya, but I know for a fact that 3DS Max 2009 does come with reactor, which uses havok to simulate physics in animation.

Hey bobobo,
I have a feeling that having everything under one post would also be very difficult to track. We expect a lot of the posts on this forum to come from people integrating into different technologies. Maybe one post per rendering engine? Would that work do you think? Or some organization of the posts into folders on the basis of different tech? Not saying that this will happen but it's worth getting some thoughts on how to make the forum more usable for everyone,

rossodwyer I do indeed think this is a good idea, but I do not really like seeing all of those posts around that ask the same questions. If someone would make a folder called "Graphics" or something along those lines I would gladly move into there, but it would have to have some awesome attractive title like the one I made for this topic, so that people will view it instead, or you could just delete this one.

Also, I think that it would be good to have a tutorial somewhere where new users (like me, I admit it) can come to get some definite info. I do not, and I don't think others do either, care what graphics engine is used, the most part of my game is going to be in the physics, and just about all of the engines, be it Ogre3D (which I like), Irrlicht(which is really good for new people) have the advanced graphics features. You could even just do straight DirectX, but I do not recommend this to new people.

Ok, now I want to know what engines people want. I have already seen Ogre3D, DirectX of course but are there any others people want, because I will start them all off

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