Can you give me a little demo with the The simple process of Havok

Can you give me a little demo with the The simple process of Havok

Hello everyone.

I am a chinese boy, that was my first time to post a question on an English website, so I do not have any extravagant hopes for a reply.Thank benny very much.
About Havok,This is my first time to contact the physics engine, You konw, there are very much engines, I choose the Havok.But a big problem is comming, There are little Chinese documents on the internet.All I can refer to are Havok SDKs,the demos and the Docs.I spent my all day on the codes of the demos. I think, The framework of the demos is very complex and esoteric. I do not want to understand these complex framework, Because I have a practical application in my framework, companies have the framework of the company, no one will want to make their own framework replaced for a physical engine. I need a simple independent Demo, not based on any other side of the third things, so that I can quickly understand processes and called the operation a simple API for each role.
Can you give me a small demo. so long as I could konw how to initialize physics engine, how to use, or simply the collision detection between two simply rigid bodys.
Thank you!
Look forward to your reply!My email is
Your Chinese friend Hellohuan

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Hello Hellohuan,

Please have a look at the SimpleConsoleMt demo that comes
with the free SDK. This does not use the graphics or demo frameworks.



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