No powered mode hinge constraints in Havok Content Tools?

No powered mode hinge constraints in Havok Content Tools?

Does anybody know how to setup a powered hinge constraint in Maya using Havok Content Tool plugins?
I noticed that there's an option "Motor type", I choosed "spring damper", but no other parameters I can input. And the effect is not like as I expected. I wanna a hinge constraint which can return to the rest position automatically, like there's a spring in the hinge. If I use the stiff spring, I can't make it soft as I expected. So how can I do these jobs in Content Tool?

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Hi Kevin,

Sorry for the slow response. I'm looking into this for you now and I'll get back to you soon.



You can set this up in the content tools but at runtime you'll need to set the motor as active when you load it in from the hkx file.

hkpLimitedHingeConstraintData::setMotorActive(hkpConstraintInstance*, true)


Thank you, Daniel. It worked! But using this way, I can't just set motor active, I also need to provide all the parameters of the motor constraint by code. It's not so convenient, especially for the same kind of motor constraint I need different parameters for different situations. And it's hard to determine which set of parameters you wanna use when you load the hkx file. Why don't you guys provide such kind of setup in the content tools? We use Maya, so should I provide some extra attributes for the motor option to provide those parameters? Or there's a better way to do this?

I'm afraid that the content tools just give you what you see in Maya. To extend the functionality to export extra parameters would require writing a new filter to take that data and serialize it.


Oh, that's bad. I think those functionality should be provided by "create constraints" filter. Anyway, thanks for your help.


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