Visual Studio 2005 integration

Visual Studio 2005 integration

hi everyone!

i need a little help setting up a new visual studio 2005 c++ project. i'd like to integrate the havok physiks/animation engine (try havok).

i just created a new project (File -> New -> Project...). i selected C++ Win32 Console Application. i've created a new application (empty project).

now i went to the project properties. i selected "C/C++ General" -> "Additional Include Directories" and added the "hk550Source" folder. i also went to the linker properties (Additional Library Directories) and selected the "hk550Libwin32_net_8-0
elease_multithreaded_dll" folder.

my testproject is just a simple copy of the ConsoleExample... (just added two cpp files + copy/paste)

but i've got a loooooooot of linker errors (663 of them)
my basic problem is, that i can neither find a propper documentation "how to setup havok" nor a dokumentation of it's funktions/methods/parameters


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Hi Samuel,

Have you added the .lib files as "Additional Dependencies" under Linker->Input in the Project Properties?


thank you!
i feel ashame that i did not find that out by my self!
btw. great forum... (what a f****** fast reply) ;)

thanks a lot!

We've all had those same problems before, don't worry :-) Happy Havok-wreaking.


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