Little heads up. Not sure if anyone else gets this...

Little heads up. Not sure if anyone else gets this...

The demos Physics/Use Case/Destruction/Break Off/Shack and Fence both crash for me. The destructible bridge demo runs though. I've ran with multithreading not flagged and with multithreading flagged. Just thought I should see if this was a specific case with me or other people get this. Running vista home premium 32bit, core 2 quad, and 2gb of RAM. So I'm not entirely sure its my pc.

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I've also experienced some demos crashing a few times, but nothing reproducible (maximum two times in a row). I don't remember what demos they were. Moreover they crashed without some AccessViolation errors, they just quit, silently.

Those two demos both crash for me also. Pretty sure they're the only ones though.

Yeah, those are the only two that crash for me as well. Its not really that big of a deal for me as I can only assume they are similar to the bridge demo.

Hey guys,

I've been trying to reproduce your problems here but haven't been having a lot of success. Could you tell me what the filename is of the original zip file you downloaded? Also, does this crash happen when debugging in VS? If so, does that give any information at all?


Well, if you can't reproduce it I don't know if its really worth the effort ^^ But anyways, I don't quite remember the original zip file name, but I extracted it to : C:/hk550/. And no, I just ran the executable and it crashes on those two demos. Its not really all that big of a deal quite frankly, as I can easily just look at the source code. I'll try building it again to see if that helps out with anything.

The reason for the crash is simple - non-existent asset:

BreakOffExtendedMeshDemo.cpp, line 52:

hkRootLevelContainer* container = loader->load( assetFile.cString() );
hkpPhysicsData* physics = reinterpret_cast(
container->findObjectByType( hkpPhysicsDataClass.getName() ));

What happens:

file = "Resources/ShowCase/Gdc2007/testShack.hkx"
assetFile = "Resources/ShowCase/Gdc2007/testShack_L4101.hkx"
container = NULL

Zip file:
Tools: HavokContentTools_5.5.0_20080530.exe

Thanks for the info, guys. Some of the packages available don't have these assets (and yet some do). I'll make sure we get this fixed.


Yes, I downloaded the zip package twice and both times I ran into problems extracting some of the files deep down in various subfolders under "Demos". The same ones both times. Which leads me to think the zip download itself is corrupt. That's lead to several demos which crash consistently.


The assets are simply missing from the package: they were never put in originally. What program are you using to extract the zip file and what's the zip file's filename and filesize in bytes? I'll have a look into it here.


Well, that's odd... I was using Windows to open and extract the zip and kept getting errors when extracting certain files (something like "could not read from file"). But since you asked what I was using to extract it, I tried using WinRar and it worked fine - no erros. So for some reason Windows didn't like it but WinRar had no problem.

Sorry for confusing the issue. But yeah, I'm getting those crashes too, so I'm sure it's the missing assets issue you already mentioned. Again, sorry for throwing in some confusion.

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