Quick question about conversion from Maya units to Havok units

Quick question about conversion from Maya units to Havok units


From what I read in the documentation, Maya uses centimeters as its unit, and Havok uses meters as its unit. I was a bit confused on how exactly Maya's units were converted to Havok's. I made a rectangle in my program size hkVector4(0.5f, 1.0f, 0.5f) figuring the one would be a meter, and made a Maya rectangle 100 units tall (figuring 100 centimeters would be 1 meter). I loaded it into my program and watched the visual debugger. Compared to the box, the Maya rectangle looked like it was a kilometer tall instead of a meter. After a bit more toying around I found out a height of about 2 Maya units matched the rectangle in my program's height. At this point I'm pretty sure that the 1.0 height of the rectangle in my program is not a meter but some other arbitrary unit, so now I'm a bit confused.

I guess my question is this: How many Maya units (with the SCALE_CMS_TO_METERS preset for the Transform Scene filter) is there to a Havok unit/meter? I just want a bit of clarification so I'm not modeling something that I think is only a meter tall that Havok sees as a kilometer or hectometer tall.

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Hi harrytruman,

You can set the unit size of any Maya scene when creating it. If you create a scene with unit type as "centimeters", which is the default, you'll need to use SCALE_CMS_TO_METERS with the Transform Scene filter when exporting if you want 1 Maya unit to be 1cm in Havok.

If you want to confirm the size of your exported geometry, add a View XML filter to your stack of filters, and look at the shape on the collidable on a rigid body. If you create a simple box you can see its half-extents clearly in the XML.

Within Havok itself, 1 unit is always 1 meter.


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