Renderer with Havok

Renderer with Havok

Hi guys,

First of all I would like to say "sorry" for this silly question, but this is my first game project, and I am really in doubt.

Havok Physics's manual is very clear when it says "Havok is not a commercial renderer. Although we provide a simple cross-platform display library, it is used merely as a testbed for rapid prototyping and for deploying Havok demos."

However I don't know how to make my graphics with Havok.
Does Havok Animation cover this fields? If so, how is it? Integration with DirectX/OpenGl libraries?

Or should I use a graphics engine, like Ogre 3D?


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Hey spill,

Havok Physics simulates the movement of objects through space. When you have a fully working graphics engine (like Ogre 3D), you can tell Havok to simulate some of your objects, and then get the new locations/orientations of those objects from the Havok SDK, and transform your graphical objects to those new values.

You can use the Havok Content Tools to create files which describe your world (or the parts of your world you want simulated).

If you need me to clarify any of that feel free to ask again. If there's something you need to ask about, there are probably lots more people on here who are wondering the same thing. :-)


Thanks Daniel!

So with Havok Content Tools I can create files (inputting my 3d models) that Havok will understand. Is that right?

And Havok Animation? Can it act like a graphic engine?
If not, can you recomend a good graphic engine that can be easily integrated with Havok???

Yep, you're understanding the Content Tools just right. Animation looks after animating your characters but won't actually draw to the screen or do any graphics work for you.

I haven't played around with all of the options but any graphics engine which is written in a language which allows calls to C++ libraries is going to work fine. When you find one you're comfortable with it you can start integrating with the Havok SDK. Getting any graphics engine working with basic physics simulation shouldn't be too hard a job anyway :-)


Now everything is starting to get clear!

Just being curious, is there a graphic engine that is often used in commercial games with Havok?

And for other functionalities (AI, controllers, sound, save/load, OS interface, etc...), I think Havok does not cover them also, right?
For them I make the same question that I did for graphics engine. Can you recomend a good engine that covers them?

Havok supports saving/loading of physics objects but not the full state of your game (how much ammo your character has, etc). Havok products don't cover AI. Controllers are part of Havok Graphics, which is what runs the demos but is not suited to a full game). No sound, but if you have a sound system you can use data from Havok to calculate sound information, such as figuring out when an object is rolling or when it's bouncing, etc.

Commercial games use all sorts of engines, from the Unreal engine to GameBryo to their own in-house solutions. Lots of these engines (such as the two I just named) require licensing which an individual may not be able to afford for personal projects. Ogre is nice for 3D but doesn't cover any of the things you mentioned really: AI, controllers (without an extension), sound...

Actually, I wonder if id Tech 3 might be fun? It's the Quake 3 engine that was open sourced. It'd be cool to see how that works with Havok!


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