"redirect" serial-over-LAN

"redirect" serial-over-LAN

Hi all,

Im looking for a way to connect a microcontroller to the AMT-System. The goal is to send data to the microcontroller in an OS-absent state (or to receive data from the MCU). Currently the MCU uses a serial connection to communicate with an application. A connection to SMBus would be possible.

Is it possible to redirect SOL to the serial port connected to the MCU? Or is there another way?

Thanks in advance for your ideas!


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Hi Sebastian,

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. My gut answer is "no" and "no" but I was praying to the forum gods that someone out there may be able to answer your question better. Since no one has responded, I am checking into this for you.

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Ajay Mungara (Intel)'s picture

Hi Sebastian,
What you want to do with Intel AMT sounds like a great new business use case. Thanks for letting us know about what you planning to do with this technology. I will promise to take this idea to the product team for their future planning purposes.

One of the community users who works for a bank wanted to see if Intel AMT could be used for remotely managing ATMs. I definitely would like to encourage other forum users to tell us all the different ways you are planning on using this technology. All this information will be vital for us in planning for features/capabilities in the future releases.

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