XSI Mod Tool 6

XSI Mod Tool 6

I haven't done much more than observe that this "appears to work", but: you can install the Havok Content Tools for the (free) XSI 6 Mod Tool by installing the HCT for Softimage 6 (to any directory I think), then copying the contents of the 'HavokContentTools' directory over the 'XSI_6_Mod_Tool' directory.

In my case, that was:
- HCT installed to 'C:Softimage', creates a 'C:SoftimageHavokContentTools' directory
- Copy the contents of 'C:SoftimageHavokContentTools' (Application, Data, etc) over 'C:SoftimageXSI_6_Mod_Tool'
- Start up XSI Mod Tool (you should see a 'Havok' entry added to the menubar)
- Open eg. 'C:SoftimageXSI_6_Mod_ToolTutorialsScenesMoreOnRigidBodies utorialEnd.scn', select 'Havok'->'Export'->'Run Configuration'->'Play' under 'Physics Simulation'->Enjoy physics simulation goodness.

Your mileage may vary of course- back up anything important before trying this etc.

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After a little more prodding around: HCT seems happy in the Addons directory; so one can install directly to


And everything seems to magically fall into place (Havok menu still appears etc). Much less destructive!

I'm far from an XSI expert, but I loaded the club_bot sample scene, dragged the 'clubbot_armwave.Preset' animation sequence from 'C:SoftimageXSI_6_Mod_ToolDataXSI_SAMPLESActions' onto the object, hit the Havok Export, added the 'Create Skeletons', 'Create Animations', 'Create Skins', 'Convert To Png' and 'Preview Scene' filters, ran the configuration and got the robot dude dancing in the preview window. Neat!

Cool! It definitely helps to know that it works with the free version as well.

There are degrees of "works" mind you; the Ragdoll Toolbox crashes my Mod Tool, and I can't manipulate constraint pivots using the XSI translate/rotate tools - I can, however, manipulate the axes directly under the 'Spaces' tab of the rollout for a particular constraint. So feel it out by experimentation, I guess.

Nice find! I missed this post the first time around.

ModTool looks pretty nice.

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