cannot get ippiUndistortRadial to work

cannot get ippiUndistortRadial to work

I am trying to unwarp a radial distorted image. I have the parameters cx, cy, k1, k2. These parameters were calculated by someone else and I have no idea what fx and fy are. I thought that if I put fx and fy as 1 (one) these values should work.

this is the line in the code which I use

ippiUndistortRadial_8u_C1R (srcImg, srcStep, destImg, destStep, size, fx, fy, cx, cy, k1, k2, NULL);

when I try to display destImg. I get a black image. Is there something that I am doing wrong??


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fixed. thankyou.

my srcStep and destStep were wrong.


Of course you'll get some results setting fx and fy to 1 but generally they are measured in image pixels as cx and cy



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