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Is there any way of using a 'theatre mode' with intel chipsets. I have motherboard (ibase mb899f) with945gm chipset, onboard vga with dual dvi out daughter board. I would like media controller software on vga out, with full screen video on a DVI out, basically what ATI do with their catalyst software in theatre mode (which myother PC has).If not anyone know of any third party software that will do the same ?

Many thanks

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There are several "threater modes". Which aspect ratio (mode) are you concerned with?'s picture

Thanks for response.

I would like full screen theatre mode on the DVI output. This could be either DVD or DVB-T. This is exactly what NVidia, ATI and Unichrome graphics do but I don't have the option in the software PV 14.25. I only have a PCI slot so could get an ATI or NVidia PCI card, but really can't see why the intel software doesn't offer this from what I can see.'s picture


Don't mean to be rude, but do intel have any support ? Tried their support part which e-mailed me nothing and gave no other options as stated. Tried this and get well, nothing either.

First PC I've had with all intel chipsets, and hopefully the last, bye bye Intel, you're way behind your competitors on graphics and fortunately motherboard manufacturers are starting to use their onboard graphics, just wish I hadn't bothered with this one....

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