Intel Device Builder UPnP SDK

Intel Device Builder UPnP SDK

I've just started using the Intel UPnP SDK (Build: 1.0.1868.18043), and i'm having some problems getting a simple device working. I already have the UPnP Design By Example book for reference but its examples are in Linux.

I'm having trouble getting my device stack to generate a unique UDN per instance (hopefully by MAC address and time). In the sample programs provided I noted that they used the rand() function. However I'd rather have a way to associate the UDN to the device.

I'm also puzzled about how one is supposed to modify the stack's XML file when its compressed into the .upnpsg file.

My final question is how to get the embedded webserver working. I've tried having a web directory with my html pages. But I'm unable/unsure how to set the presentation page.


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