Custom DLL: No DLLs found in Waterfall procedure

Custom DLL: No DLLs found in Waterfall procedure

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We've purchased IPP for Windows. I've build the Custom DLL exactly as it is described in the sample, I've only changed names of functions in export.def and funclist.h. The DLL and LIB created just fine (totally about 80 functions are needed from IPP).
Then, I create my own DLL which is linked against custom IPP lib.
Then I link my application with my own DLL. Totally I have an application .exe, my DLL's .dll and IPP custom .dll - in one folder.

But when I try to execute it on machine without IPP runtime support installed, I get the message cited in $SUBJECT. On machines with IPP runtime everything runs OK.

Whatshould I do now? I'd like to reduce the size of application I'm building but can't do that since Custom DLL doesn't work for me.

Please assist.

Thanks in advance.

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to answer your question we need to see:
-how you call linker to make your custom DLL
-how you call linker to make your own DLL
-how you call linker to make your application

It seems somewhere you still link original IPP libs


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I've just resolved the problem. That was totally my fault - I've changed settings in Debugconfiguration of the project, but forgotten to do that in Release configuration, and it required ipps*.dll.
Now everything works just fine. I think building custom DLLs is just an excellent possibility for ISVs - thanks Intel for that.

Also thanks for your prompt reply. I have one more question, not critical one but still it's important.
As I've already mentioned, we purchased the library and received the .lic file. Should we include the file into every installation of our application which uses IPP?

By the way, ya dumayu mi mogli bi razgovarivat' i po-russki :) Excuse me non-russian speaking subscribers :)


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Hi Alex,

I'm glad that you found solution!

I'll ask appropriate people about license question you have.

Spasibo za interes k IPP:)


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