Resizing image

Resizing image

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Hi all
Ineed to use function ippiResize_8u_P3R(const Ipp* const pSrc[3],IppiSize srcSize, int srcStep, ...
Can anybody explaine me what is -srcStep?
Because I expect to see something like - int srcStep[3]
I have color model planar YUV422, so it should be:
int nSteps[3] = {nWidth, nWidth/nCdx, nWidth/nCdx};


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Hi Adi,

ippiResize_8u_P3R do resize for 3 channels images with the same dimensions for all three planes. So, it does not work with sampled down images. But you can to use ippiResize_8u_C1R to do resize for each plane separately.


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srcStep is the size in byte of one line of the image data. Normally, it is equal to width*(byte depth of each pixel) and it is important for locating the pixel by their coordinate.

pixel vaule = imagedata [lines*step + cols] ;

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