IPP library

IPP library

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Hi Ilan -
Thanks for your question. The answer is Yes, the Intel Integrated Performance Primitives 3.0 do support the Intel Xeon processor.

How do you use the performance libraries?


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Hey Irena.

I am using it as a dynamic linked dll using the stub lib dispatcher ( under windows 2000 server )


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Hi again.

By the word "supports" I mean that it runs the code in an optimized way for that specific processor and no in any simulation mode.


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I have run the command ippCoreGetCpuType and the enum of the answer returned from this command doesn't include the option of xeon only the following ones :

typedef enum {
/* Enumeration: Processor: */
ippCpuUnknown = 0x0,
ippCpuPP, /* Pentium */
ippCpuPMX, /* Pentium with MMX */
ippCpuPPR, /* Pentium Pro */
ippCpuPII, /* Pentium II */
ippCpuPIII, /* Pentium III */
ippCpuP4, /* Pentium 4 */
ippCpuP4HT, /* Pentium 4 with HT enabled */
ippCpuITP = 0x10, /* Itanium */
ippCpuITP2 /* Itanium 2 */
} IppCpuType;

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Depending on the type of Intel Xeon processor you are working with, either Pentium III or Pentium 4 optimized code will be dispatched. The function ippCoreGetCpuType will return one of the following for Intel Xeon processors:

ippCpuPIII, /* Pentium III */
ippCpuP4, /* Pentium 4 */

If you have further questions on this, please submit them to Intel Premier Support so we can help you further.

--Amanda S.
Intel IPP Support

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Hi Amanda.

I am working with Intel IPP libraries Ver 3.0 and have the following problem.
I am running an algorithm on my Pentium 4 2.0GHZ using IPP and get some results.
When I run the same program using a Xeon 3.0GHZ I get results that are 100 times SLOWER then the results I got from the Pentium 4.
This is quit suppressing and the first thing that comes to my mind is whether the IPP is supported on the IPP library version 3.0.
What are the steps I should take to understand what the problem is?

By the way to where did you advise me to send this issus on your last note ?
Ilan Moshe.

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