Multiply defined symbols ?!?

Multiply defined symbols ?!?

I have 4 separate routines that have the same common block (called FRAME1) containing 5 integer variables.

Why would building result in the following message?

v3scal.obj : error LNK2005: _FRAME1 already defined in v3grid.obj
Release/hdfviz.exe : fatal error LNK1169: one or more multiply defined symbols found
Error executing link.exe.

The common block "FRAME1" is identical in the 4 subroutines, so I don't see why the linker would have a problem with one of them.

I can get the program to link if I comment out the common block in v3scal.f, but then the program crashes with the following message when it tries to read an 11 MB HDF file.

forrtl: severe (157): Program Exception - access violation

I have run this program under Unix. Could the problems I'm having within Windows 2000 be related?

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