Beta Test for a Java App

Beta Test for a Java App

How do I beta test a Java app since it comes with one single jar file and there is no msi installer ?
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Beta test using the AppUp Center! (

Assuming that you have created the application in your dashboard (you need to do that to get a GUID):
- upload it there
- invite people by entereing their email address to beta test.

The email address must match the one they are using in AppUp Center.
You can enter people that are currently not using AppUp, they will receive an email.

Once these people have started AppUp they will see your app under MyApps and can download and install it.

Paul, you missed the point that in the current version of the upload process you have to upload a msi-installer.
This is exactly where I am stuck now, too. Because when you submit a Java App there is only a single .jar file.

So, did anyone find out how to circumvent this .msi requirement? Or do we really have to create a platform-dependant .msi installer for our Java Apps? I am not even sure how to get it to work, if I want to setup and start a Java App which is double wrapped in two .jar files...

Addendum: Either by just waiting or because I clicked a step back und forth again it now does not warn anymore about the missing .msi file.


Are you using the packaging utility found here?:

Brian, the packaging utility for java only spits out a single .jar file. That is why the stated requirement of a .msi file in the upload/beta stage is so confusing if you are submitting a java app.
As added in my post before, the warning is somehow gone now and I was able to invite people to beta testing.

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