Application rejected -binary validation failure - ILU03

Application rejected -binary validation failure - ILU03

I have recently submitted a Java application developed using java sdk for Appup which failed validation. The failure message is ILU03 - Application launch. I have packaged the jar file using Intel AppUp™ Java Packaging Utility and I was also able to validate the jar file using Intel AppUp Software Package Validation Utility for Java* Software. I have gone through this link - . How can I find the target entry , shortcut icons in a jar file . (not a .msi ).? Any input is appreciated
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Since Intel handles the installer portion for Java submissions, perhaps sending an email to support may be in order. Please contact them using this link:

Hi Brian,

I'm having the same issue with my java app, failed with following error. I packed the app using the packaging utility and validation utility shows that everything is passed. Is there anything more that we have to do for submitting a Java app ?

ILU03 - Application launch:

The application runs without authorization from AppUp. Please ensure that SDK is implemented and that the IsAuthorized call made within the app results in the appropriate app response. Please see the following article for more details and troubleshooting tips:

I display a message saying that they are not licensed to run the application on this device if authorization fails, but I let the app continue after that. I guess that isn't approved behavior? I thought to end the app abruptly would be rude and confusing to the user.

Well, I think that I know what it is asking for after reading the SDK developer guide.

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