Help Needed in Integrating Sentinel HASP for IntelAppUp Applications

Help Needed in Integrating Sentinel HASP for IntelAppUp Applications

I have following questions regarding using Sentinel HASP runtime for application security. . If we are using Sentinel HASP, then we need to ship the runtime installer and then install that along with our product. Will that be a breach of contract ? · Sentinel HASP is used for our licensing purposes. Does it hamper in anyway the contract for the application as we might not be using the Intel Licensing schemes. · For each user who installs the product we need to provide a different license at the time of installation. Does the installation process provide us a way for the installer to contact our servers and get a license key ? Can anyone please guide me if we can use Sentinel HASP as per above requirements. Or is there any other alternative for Application. If we are not using Sentinel HASP · How can we protect our digital assets viz the tutorials in flv format ( or any other format as the case maybe). We could not find any documentation towards this other than using the Flash Access Server ( in the case of Adobe.Air packaging) Thanks in Advance for your help.
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The simplest way to explain these types of situations is as follows:

1.) Your completed title must call the AppUp SDK during initialization
2.) Your completed titles installer must include all required libraries
3.) Your completed title must not self (auto) update, as this is a function of the AppUp environment

Please review the current Validation Requirements for more detail.

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