Time period for validation...

Time period for validation...

Hi, I submitted my app for validation. It's in validation stage till now! How long it will usually take for validation?
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As Rooven said, the time required to validate a submission caries greatly. If I were to make an estimate based purely upon experience I would say 2 weeks +- a few days. In addition, you will see the submissions status change as it progresses through the validation process.

Is the current average time for Validation published anywhere? Or do we just guess?


The validation queue is always changing, however I would say an average is 2 weeks. If you experience a significantly longer delay, please feel free to contact support. http://appdeveloper.intel.com/en-us/contact


They took exactly 1 week to validate my app! FYI. I'm glad it's finally published!


Thank you for the feedback. It may well be that your application was straightforward and/or the holidays have passed. Congratulations!

Useful information. Can anyone shed any light on the stages of validation?

My first app is now in "Validation in Progress" status after just 1 working day, do you know what I can expect from this point onwards?

Steve V.


it looks like the validation queue is not so long at the moment as my application this time only required about 3 working days to get validated.

Best regards


It's really great to hear.


S Dinesh Kannan

Generally the validation takes a week.. But time to get the link on the appup store is not known. We got the link in 3 days for 3 of our apps and 1+ week for another app

Gamers @ Work

Hi Steve,

Here are the stages of validation.

Draft > New (Status till the app is submitted)

Submitted (Status when the application is first submitted – User can remove application from validation Queue and edit)

Validation In process (User cannot remove the app from the Queue)

Draft > Rejected (Application is rejected because of Binary or Meta Data failures)

Published or Scheduled (Application is accepted and is published in the store or waiting for the publish start date)

Draft > New Version (Working on the new version of the application)

Hal G.
Technical Support Team
Intel AppUp(SM) Developer Program
Intel AppUp(SM) center

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Hi Dhinesh,

We may not be able to determine exactly how long it will take to validate an application as it depends on many factors such as number of applications in validation queue, complexity of applications, application runtime .. etc.

If there are any issue with the application, the validation team will send you a message. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.


Intel AppUp(SM) Center
Intel AppUp(SM) Developer Program

DG Rooven

Hi Rooven,

Thanks for your reply. Now i'm feeling better.

Let me wait for some more time.


Dinesh S

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