Developing meego apps

Developing meego apps

Hi, I am new to meego application development. Is developing application using meego is easy or developing apps in windows and porting that app to meego is easy? Is there any way to do that? Need clarifications on this. Thanks in Advance, V.Suhaasinii.
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Qt Creator is an ideal tool for cross platform apps. With Qt Creator you do not need to port your apps. If you develop your app in Windows all you need is just rebuild your app on MeeGo.


Does Qt Creator works perfectly for developing meego apps? or is there any problems with that? I have downloaded and installed meego sdk as suggested in Intel appup articles. Does it require any additional tools or sdk's to integrate that to meego application while submitting that to Intel Appup?

Any help on this would be really appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.


QT Creator works quite well for creating MeeGo Apps. As for creating a MeeGo RPM, complete documentation will be available on the website soon. Are you targeting Windows in addition to MeeGo with you AppUp title?

is msvc requiered to build a qt based app for win32 ?
cant we use gcc instead ?


For development in Windows using Qt, you can use QtCreator which ships with the MingW compiler for free.

If you plan to use Visual Studio, you can enjoy the benefit of Qt toolchain by adding this Visual Studio plugin:

hope this helps.


@rzr all you need to develop Qt applications is a just Qt SDK.

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