An idea to develop MeeGo as in new design, or completely new OS

An idea to develop MeeGo as in new design, or completely new OS

*Note: I don't know what's Developer Challenge, but I'm here to show you some ideas.* Hi Developers, Last night I was thinking about MeeGo and then I got an idea of new look for MeeGo software or a completely new software OS. I can't program any kind of softwares so I thought I will do a graphic of what I got an idea of. If you like this idea, feel free to use it on your softwares or MeeGo. Just please check the picture: I am NOT selling this idea, it's not patented or anything, I just want to give ideas for you, so one day I could have a phone which I will like. The idea of the new software is simple as that, to have 1 home screen. The Roll screen will have all Apps you want and folders to Music, Games etc. You can customize it. No more sliding to next page, all in one page. Also there's new ideas for multitasking & foldering. All of the ideas are fresh, I don't think there is anything like this YET. If you like this please contact me, I can't help you with organizing this IF you want to do it, but I have lots of ideas, which I just can't provide! Sincerely, AppTester(If you're interested, contact for this post and then we can email later on) Note: This was sent to Intel's support mail. If there's any developers who want to use this idea, feel free, please if anyone can show this to Intel it would be cool, they said on support email to show the idea here.
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Hi, interesting idea but really it's an idea for an "Operating system" or "User Interface" for a phone. If this is what you want your phone to look like when you switch it on then you need to speak to someone who designs operating systems for phones.

Someone might produce a similar App to access media and/or other Apps in this way but "AppUp" is mainly for Netbooks at the moment.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this isn't really the best place to put this idea. Does anyone on the forums here know the right direction to point this guy?

Yes! That's exactly what I want! I sent email to some Operating Systems, but HTC example, said that talk about it on forum, I just don't know which forum. If you would happen to know that would be cool, and I would add this idea there and remove this post. :)

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