Validation Progress

Validation Progress

Hi , I uploaded my first application for validation yesterday. It's status is now "Validation In Progress". Is there somewhere that explains how many steps are there during validation and is there a way to track the progress of validation ? I read in the forums that the average validation time is around 2 weeks , is this correct ? Thanks, Nir
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Am I really going to have to wait 2 weeks to see if I need to make changes to my app???


The validation time frame is around 2+ weeks currently. This is to be expected given the recent surge in developer activity in AppUp. It is a good time to be involved in this opportunity indeed. Best of luck!

Hi Welcome to Appup.

Normally it will take less than a week, it also depends on the apps queue. Now a days our apps are published very quickly


Thank you.

So the status stays as "Validation in Progress" until it's published (or rejected..) ?

I guess its holiday time, it will take at-least a week for normal as Christmas and new year holiday it might take up-to 2 weeks..

and yes the status will remain "validation in progress.." till its been validated or rejected..

Thank You,

I see.

Thanks for the help guys.

Hi Niro

Yes you are correct. The Next state would be published or rejected with test results which will explain why it has failed. Hope its published. We got rejected 2 times for our first app. Its a learning process for 1st app. Once its done u know the cycle. Happy Newyear 2011

Very likely yes. Validation can take a while depending on the current workload of the validation team. Sometimes it's much faster though.

Good luck with validation!

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