Need SDK for .Net Framework 4.0

Need SDK for .Net Framework 4.0

Unable to use the current SDK on .Net Framework 4.0. Anyone if know the way, please inform us the procedure to use SDK with .Net Framework 4.0 applications
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.Net framework 4.0 is not supported. Of course technically if you've packed the pre-requisites in your MSI the app should work fine on the target machine. The downside to packing the Runtime and Framework 4.0 dependencies is that the MSI size will grow. (My 3 apps were rejected because the pre-requisite was 4.0. Even if you pack all the dependencies in the MSI the app will be rejected. ) This can be seen in the validation Team's rejection report. Time to download the app in my case was 11 min(1st rejection) and 10.16 Min (2nd Rejection). You'd get response from Validation team like this:

The application install process is not silent. The user is prompted to download .Net 4. At this time, .Net 3.5 is the supported version of .Net for AppUp, however there are workarounds available for applications that require .Net 4. Please see version requirements located here: and a discussion on available workarounds here:

In my the validation team's message displays:

Size of the Application (MB): 52. Time taken to download the Application (Minutes): 10 minute and 16 seconds. Application installed successfully.

But the app will be rejected. As this message doesn't support any attachments, I find it hard to display the actual screen shot sent by Validation team. Dropping an email to prior to submission of the app , during validation and post rejection did not help.


.NET 4.0 apps can indeed be submitted and pass. I can find at least 6 such apps in the store now. There are numerous ways to accomplish this, the most important part being that you can not attempt to download the .NET library from the web during install and you can not prompt with any modal dialog boxes.

It looks as though yours failed because the install was not silent, this is common.

One work around would be to create both a .NET 3.0 and 4.0 binary. The 3.0 binary simply starts (maybe a nice splash screen), and checks for pre-requisites the first time the app is launched. It prompts the user to install .NET 4.0 (from a local file) and once complete modifies the shortcut to point to the .NET 4.0 assembly (your title). Both .NET assemblies would need to be protected by the AppUP SDK of course.

There are several additional ways to accomplish submission of a .NET 4.0 title as well, please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

That's what I did. It Prompts the User about the absence of .Net Framework 4.0 & slows the installation process (Silent install mode) and installs the 4.0.Still the app was rejected. I did post back the rejection message which I got from Validation Team. I got only 1 screen shot so unable to comment further about the issue.


Please note my suggestion above. The installed (not installer) exe prompts the user to install the .NET runtime from disk if it is needed.

Please describe the error or issue you have observed. So long as the target netbook has the .NET 4.0 runtime, your .NET 4.0 AppUp title will integrate with the AppUp SDK without any foreseeable issues. SDK Download link:

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