Application not launching from IntelAppUp

Application not launching from IntelAppUp

My application is working fine if I launch it from the shortcut but I got this issue. When I tried to launch it from the command promt it is not able to get the plugins which are required. How to solve that problem . This is the issue I got :" Application does not launch from the AppUp client. Upon launch, the application does not load. The user’s desktop does not display anything. A description of the application’s behavior is listed below. Please see packaging requirements located here: and troubleshooting tips located here: and confirm that your .msi meets the requirements. The application must be configured to be able to locate its resources when being launched from anywhere on the netbook. Please check your application resource paths. "
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How you get path for your plugins? Did you specify the full path or your app use relative paths? I have some problems with one of my app because to load content files i'm use relative path:


I fix this by changing relative path to absolute path:

LoadContent(GetApplicationFolder() + "/Content/main.qml");

Thanks for the help...actually my current working directory was different than installation path due to which I was unable to access the plugins. But when I made them same I was able to run the app from command prmt using the path.

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