MeeGo Tablet UI icons

MeeGo Tablet UI icons

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My App (Did you know) was rejected with reason The application never created a visual icon to launch the application App has same RPM for netbook and tablet. RPM just well creates shortucts on netbook, and never creates app icon on tablet. App created a desktop file, and nebook version has app icon inside the applications section

Is there some special requirements for tablets RPMs? Could anyone familiar with MeeGo tablet says me what you see on the screenshot? This is a home screen or applications folder? Seems like validation team tries to locate app icon on the desktop screen...

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Hi dmitry-rizshkov,

Make sure your application (binary image) is actually installed in the directory specified on the "exec" line of the desktop file. If you do not have an ExoPC or WeeTab tablet, you may want to use a tablet emulator that is shipped with the MeeGo SDK 1.2. Open a terminal on the emulator and check the installed location of your application.


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Problem is - there are really any changes between netbook and tablet shell paths?

Why app created all thing correctly on netbook and not created on tablet. Not only i, validation team also check netbook version and all installed just fine.

But on tablet - no icons in the applications folder.

I want to repeat my main question - on the screenshot above applications menu or just home screen? :)

That's the applications screen! There is still space in the top right corner; therefore, I think there is only one page of "applications screen". If there are more than one page, you will see page number in the middle at the bottom of screen. Furthermore, it looks like the name of your application does not even appear in the applications screen??? The *.desktop file should be placed in /usr/share/applications in order for the UX to see and load the name and icon (resides in /usr/share/pixmaps directory) of your application.

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Finally i think i got an answer. On the Tablet app should place icons to the /usr/share/pixmaps directory instead of /usr/share/icons/hicolor/.../ ?

In the MeeGo Packaging and Compliance Guidelines nothing about pixmaps directory...

The /usr/share/pixmaps directory works for me. Since the MeeGo Tablet 1.2 Preview is not really a general release candidate, therefore, directories may change to observe the mentioned guidelines in the future. At this point in time, "/usr/share/pixmaps" directory works for me.

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Great! Thank you!

But this means - i need to create two versions for MeeGo. One for netbook, one for tablet with only one difference - icons path inside the spec file. Hope this will be fixed in near future.

The MeeGo Netbook v1.1 also use /usr/share/pixmaps directory for icons.

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Yes, but validation team is not think so

Is my app will be validated if i'll include /usr/share/pixmaps icons for netbook RPM?

The specified compliance guidelines document does not mention the location of the icon. The locations of icons and desktop files are dictated by the UX. The location of the desktop files is well known already mentioned in the document already. I think the author of the document may forget to mention the location of the icon files.

As for location of application, you need to modify the RPM file to install your binary images in the specified location (/opt/packagename/), however.

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Thank you again!

I will try.

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Thankyou for sharing this experience. It will help many developers in future

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