Question About Visual Studio Plugin

Question About Visual Studio Plugin

Hi All, I installed the VS Plugin into my Visual Studio 2010 Professional already. I have two questions about using the plugin: 1. There is an icon in Visual Studio to popup the Dashboard. When I login the Dashboard using the same ID and password to login this forum, it always said "Invalid loginID or password". I just want to know is the Login ID and Password is the one that I logged in to this forum or I need to register another one? 2. Is the AppUP Developer Program support Visual Basic or it only support C# or C++ is Visual Studio? I cannot found any related document to talk about VB but many about C++. Thanks a lot! Wilson
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The AppUp SDK supports w variety of programming languages. Please see this link for more detail:

* You may choose to use a programming language that is not listed, however you will be responsible for the wrapper (if needed) and ensuring that it conforms to the Validation Requirements (

The login should be the same one you use here on the AppUp Developer Forums.

As per my knowledge, VB is not suppoeted. But you create application in VB and submit it thru DLL Wrapper .

details :

Hello Bapi,

of course, VB is supported, too:
even some of my own applications are in VB .NET.

VB is a .NET language as C# is and therefore it is also supported by the .NET wrapper. I'm sure it would work also with a F# product.

So just use the C# code example and convert it to VB - it'll work.

Best regards

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