Install RPM file on Meego netbook

Install RPM file on Meego netbook

Hi , I have downloaded rpm file of my app to meego netbook (Lenovo s10-3t). I am able to install the app using terminal successfully. But i want to install the app on clicking rpm file. What are the requirements to do that and is it enough to have only rpm file or it should need any other file? when i double click rpm file dialogue pop up with message 1st dialogue ------------- Local file installer is running as a priviliged user. Package management applications are security sensitive. Running Graphical ap[plications as a priviliged user should be avoided for security reasons. cancel/continue AnyWay 2nd Dialogue --------------- Do you want to install this file? /home/validation/myapp-0.0.1-1.i586.rpm help/close/install On clicking install 3rd dialogue -------------- Failed to install file. UnKnown error.Please refer to detailed report and report in your distribution bugtracker Note: i have created RPM on windows machine and to test i have opted meego netbook
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I think this is a bug. I'm able to install apps via gui until i install developer tools on MeeGo. After that every time i have try to install RPM i got a same messages. But still able install RPMs via terminal.

Is this bug from my end or netbooks end.

so except for meego apps rest of apps will work correct

Hi Kusumat:

Can you tell me if your RPM requires root privileges? For example, does it write into directories that require root?

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