Ability-Product published -not available in Appupstore.

Ability-Product published -not available in Appupstore.

My product : Ability is validated and approved by Intel AppupSM yet not available in Appup store. http://www.appup.com/applications/find Please kindly help me Thank you very much for your support. Best regards Agravat Bipin B
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I have just checked the status of your application 'Ability' and I can see it has been published yesterday.
Please allow upto 48 hours for the application to appear on the appup.com website.

Currently the appup.com website is not yet a real-time synchronization with the AppUp(SM) Center. All updates on the website are done manually on a regular basis. If after 2-3 days you still have not seen it appearing on appup.com, let us know and we will investigate.


Intel AppUp(SM) Center
Intel AppUp(SM) Developer Program

Regards, DG Rooven

the average time to appear on appup.com is 2 to 3 days after getting published.. Wait 1 more day and then contact support..

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