Delay between receiving a "Validation" email and the "Publication" to the Intel Store

Delay between receiving a "Validation" email and the "Publication" to the Intel Store

There have been a few queries in the forum about individual Appups not being available from the Appup Store after their validation. Their problems appear to have been resolved only by commenting in this forum. My appup game LogicMaster was validated 03/30/2011 and also shows as published on my dashboard and in the initial validation email, however, just over a week later still cannot be seen or accessed from the Store. 1) could someone investigate to see what the hold up is ? 2) could you explain the process from validation to getting the Appup visible in the store so that we might understand the delays? I have previousy responded to the validation email, i.e to the Community Admin, for clarity on this matter, and indeed on other matters going back several months, but have NEVER received a reply back. Maybe this is why people use the forum for this type of matter.
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There have been some issues with updates. We are moving toward a more automated system that should eliminate these issues.

Currently, apps should appear on with 48 hours of being published. I will escalate the issue with LogicMaster. I am sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

Hal G.
Technical Support Team
Intel AppUp(SM) Developer Program
Intel AppUp(SM) center

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Hi, thank you for attempting to resolve my problem, but unfortunately it still persists. I can't help feel disappointed that my Appup still does not appear in the Appup store, and now any feeling of joy, having received the validation email, has now been replaced with concern.
It will be a blessing when the new automated publishing system becomes active but that doesn't really resolve my situation as I watch other new Appups being published but not mine.
Is the problem you have encountered specific to my Appup as I don't see any additional threads on top of mine reporting the same failure?

Many thanks to those who helped, it is finally showing up this morning. A big relief.

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