How to submit Patch or Updates to Published Game

How to submit Patch or Updates to Published Game

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Hi, We have already Released Cricket Trumps ,Tennis Trumps - WTA Edition and Tennis Trumps at the AppUP . Users have Downloaded the paid Apps. Our Trump Card Games needs a database refresh with existing statistics and wondering whether we have an option to submit them as a Patch or should we resubmit the Game with new Database for validation? Pixeldruids
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The Cricket World Cup is over.. So we will have new stats for player cards.. Similarly the tennis trumps needs a refresh after the australian open..

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Hello Pixeldruids,

as far as I understood the update process, you just submit a new version with a higher version number and the user will get informed about this update automatically.

Of course, your installer should not clear the already installed database upon installation of the new version - guess the users won't see the fun of that. ;-)

Best regards

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Any update has to go through submission process as a new version. Say u have Ver 1.2 now. Pls submit a newer version of update in dashboard click expand, edit and then same process but ensure you have a new version 1.3 and submit the app. You can also modify screenshots etc... After validation it will be published.

Eg. we published bluebirds app to appup, we keep on adding features and bug fixes now current version is 1.4

Pls let us know if u need more info.


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