App works in eclipse with debugger on but does not in validator...

App works in eclipse with debugger on but does not in validator...

Hi All, I have my app working with eclipse with the debugger on but fails with the validator. The validator launches some command window some text is written into it then it disappears. Am I allowed to use the debug id in the app when I run the validator? If yes how do I get the error message that shows up on the command window? Thanks, -Tony
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One last update. I added extensive exception handling and added a JOptionPane to show the exception but there was no JOptionPane displayed when I ran the app. I also saw something about loadlibrary failure. I am wondering if the launcher code is crashing after it extracts files from the jar and when it trys to launch the app itself.

Hope that helps. Any help on getting that error message from the validator when it tries to run would be appreciated.


Did you run the Package Utility before running the Validator App? If so, did you include the .jar from the SDK in the package? Best wishes.


Thanks CCK.

Turns out the Validator has to use the Production ID and not the DebugID. Once I realized that I got past the issue.



Always glad to be of any help I can. Best wishes.


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