broken Exo-pc

broken Exo-pc

Hi, I got this wonderful Tablet at the AppLab, and already 1 week later its dead:( Unfortunately my tablet fell right onto the power jack and both the jack and smth on the mainboard broke. Trying out another power supply was not successful. So i am left with some minutes of battery power, after that the tablet will be not usable anymore :( Maybe you could help me clearing out the situation. I thought about following possiblities: 1) Warranty. Maybe not working out, because the device was actually a gift. But maybe there is an option. 2) Docking station. To run the tablet at least somehow, i thought about getting one. The question is: Will the power supply via the docking station work ALTHOUGH something on the board near the power plug is damaged (i know that the docking station brings its own power supply). Thank you for your advices!
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Hi Mike,
Send an email to and I will take care of you. I may not be able to replace the unit with a new one as the warranty would not cover damage, but I have some spare parts from a working system that I can use to repair your system. Let me know if this is a workable solution for you.

Ron Benson

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