Update - Missing libGlu in 1.2 MeeGo causing apps not to launch or fail AppUp validation

Update - Missing libGlu in 1.2 MeeGo causing apps not to launch or fail AppUp validation

Note this post was updated on 7/19/11



The libGlu library previously available in MeeGo 1.1 is not part of the MeeGo 1.2 distribution, therefore apps built targeting MeeGo 1.1 may have an issue launching on MeeGo 1.2.  We have added this to AppUp validation which may affect apps currently in the store or being validated.  Apps submitted using the Intel AppUp Encapsulator tool are also affected by this.



A work around is in process and to soon be published here. Currently we are testing and verifying manually adding libGlu in an application package when submitting to AppUp and ensuring there is a path that is MeeGo compliant.

For Encapsulator we will soon have an update that will automate workaround or finals solution.  Look for this in coming days.


Actions Required for Apps going thru validation:

Apps going thru validation that used LibGlu will not pass validation at this time. A message will be sent to those developers and we will also pass along instructions on a workaround for packaging libGlu with their app.


Encapsulator apps are on hold for validation to the MeeGo store, and notifications will be sent those developers to resubmit applications using the updated Encapsulator to launch later this month. Note Encapsulator is still a viable solution for building the Windows apps and for testing your apps.

Update 7/19/11

 Encapsulator is working fine for Windows and MeeGo netbooks apps.  Feel free to submit those apps as normal.  In the near future we will have a tablet specific RPM that will be provided and that RPM will be built with the correct OpenGL ES libraries.

Actions Required for Apps currently in the store:

Notifications will be sent out to developers who are affected by this, as we may need to remove these apps from the store and have them resubmitted with libGlu.  Please look for notifications and instructions from us.


Message from Intel.  

We apologize for this inconvenience.  As MeeGo evolves as an open source project to a commercial project we understand there will be shifts and movement in the packages and libraries supported by the OS. We are working closely with the Linux Foundation to ensure we reduce issues like this.

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Thanks Bob, this helped me out.

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