Serious error with validation app...

Serious error with validation app...

Hi All, I have noticed that I get an error when using the validator that I do not get otherwise like when beta testing. The error indicates not authorized to run under this account on this device. Please fix it causes developers to not validate till beta assuming the beta show up properly for testers. Thanks, -Tony
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Does your application require elevated permissions to run?

No. Same as my first app that did not get this message. Here is the screenshot..

Since there is no obvious way for me to attach a screenshot the message is:

"The application is not authorized to run under this account on this device"

I ran my first app jar just a minute ago that I submitted weeks ago and it came up just fine. There must be some checking by the validation app back to Intel for something. Seems like every project I created after the first one is getting this message. I know they launched ok by Intel testing today except for the bug issue with the program arguments that splits up the arguments randomly or at some predeterminde character count.

So what is the validator app looking at from intel. Does it check to see if the app id exists and tries to match that up with something the packaging app puts in say the jar manifest??

Please advise,

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