Visual Studio 2005 compatibility

Visual Studio 2005 compatibility

I see the AppUpp SDK is compatible with VS2008, VS2010. Are there any work arounds to get it working with VS2005 ? I have a screen saver written in Visual Studio 2005 and I wouldn't want to lose time porting the screen saver first to visual studio 2008, before being able to do the AppUpp SDK linking. I am asking because I saw past posts with work arounds for vs2010 (when the SDK was not compatible with VS2010). thanks Mike
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I test the AppUp .NET SDK in Visual Studio 2005, yes , It can work.
But I think the Plug-In can not be used in Visual Studio 2005.
You just need build the code about AppUp manually.


Did you let Visual Studio 2008/2010 try to auto convert your project? Sometimes it can handle a simple upgrade without too much trouble.

yes, I am now porting the screen saver to vs2010.
It has some problems that I am fixing.

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