AppUp and VB5?

AppUp and VB5?

Hi, I want to include AppUp support to some of my applications written in Visual Basic 5.0. I tried to use the AdpDLLWrapper for Intel AppUp, it is compatible to Visual Basic 6.0. There is no huge difference between VB6 and VB5, so I guess that it will work with VB5, too. I tried it following the manual but it didn´t work. Any ideas or useful hints? Best Regards, Jochen Moschko
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Hello Jochen,

if there is an AppUp wrapper that is compatible with VB6, isn't it possible to just upgrade your applications to VB6?

Or, if that should not be possible for whatever reason, what's the exact problem or error message you get when you try to use the VB6 wrapper in VB5?

Best regards

Hi Andreas,

no, it doesn´t make sense to upgrade my applications to VB6 - I use special components that were designed for VB5. The wrapper always says that the AppUp-Store couldn´t be found. The error occurs with and without running the Intel AppUp background service.

Best Regards,

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