I don't think this is the site for me. But I want to confirm. Any help is appreciated!

I don't think this is the site for me. But I want to confirm. Any help is appreciated!

Hi I want to develop a couple of apps preferably in the iPhone market. Will this website connect me to that market or do I have to buy a mac. I know that people are creating apps through this website but are there any examples that I might have come across. I want to know the range of this market. Also I don't know where to begin here. I downloaded the SDK but then it doesn't guide me through anything. I just don't want to waste anymore of my time if this is too advanced for me. If anyone understands what might be going on here and can help me solve this problem, I will really appreciate it. Thanks.
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Hello xgiav,

this website is about creating apps for the Intel AppUp store and has nothing to do with the iPhone market.

Maybe you should read e. g. the FAQ first:

Best regards

Hi xgiav,

you don't have to forsake one for the other. There are a few of us here that have joined the ADG group, which started with AppUp development, but we now develop for multiple platforms. AppUp is a great place to start because the platform is the most familiar to many developers, and eases you into Meego and Tizen too. If you use a tool like AGK, then you can develop for all platforms simultaneously!

Steve Vink
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