Encapsulator Error

Encapsulator Error

Uploaded a zip file with a html and icon.png and got this error when running the .exe created. http://www.enigma-games.com/images/qtcore_error.JPG
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Be sure that your files are actually in the root of the zip file, i.e. /index.html and /icon.png.

For instance if you have a zip file, MyAppDir.zip , inside that file there should be a /index.html and /icon.png and *NOT* a /MyAppDir/index.html etc.

On windows, using 7zip and winzip we've found that in order to zip a directory MyAppDir/', instead of just selecting 'MyAppDir' and zipping it we need to go *into* MyAppDir, select the files, and zip from in there. If you just zip MyAppDir you get a directory in the root of the zip called 'MyAppDir/' ..and that is incorrect.

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Yes, everything is correct or the encapsulator gives an error.

When building without a GUID everything is fine.

Enigma Games, Inc http://www.enigma-games.com

Do you get this error only when you build using a AppUp GUID?
Can you please specify the operating system details ( OS Name, 32bit or 64 bit etc)?

The problem is resolved now. There was an issue with the version of the AppUp Center I had installed. Installed the new version and everything works.

Enigma Games, Inc http://www.enigma-games.com

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