porting from Mac OSX

porting from Mac OSX

Hello, un developer asked me if the program has a tool that it allows a port to the Mac OSX from SDK's because he mostly develop desktop applications for Cocoa. Thanks a lot, Erica
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Hello Erica,

does the developer want to port from Mac OS X to the SDK (as you wrote in the post title) or from the SDK to Mac OS X (as you wrote in the post)?

If the development on Mac OS X is done in C++, then it is just a Windows port of this application which should be possible. But there is no tool for that here.

Best regards

Hello Andreas,

sorry I was wrong. I wanted say from Mac OS X to the SDK but I was talking with the developer and I didn't develop in C++ but in Obj-C so it is imposible to port it.

Thank anyway.

Best regards


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