Download failures in the appup store caused by no resume.

Download failures in the appup store caused by no resume.

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Hello, when a download fails (which is quite common on some networks) then the appup store does not handle it gracefully. It should just be able to retry the download from where it left off when it fails. This is especially important for 3g internet connections, which are often not very reliable. As netbooks are often used as a mobile option with 3g internet, the resuming downloads is an important feature I think. As well, in some parts of the world people get charged per megabyte of data. It can cost 100 euros for only a couple of gigabytes in parts of europe and other parts of the world. So only downloading 10MB or so, and then failing to download can add up to a significant download cost for some people. For large downloads like 500MB or 2GB, resuming is essential as it could be impossible to download without it. Download code which works to reliably resume is quite common and widely available, so it shouldn't be very hard to add into the store. I'm currently with a bad connection to the appup store it seems, since the downloads take ages and often fail. I'm glad I'm not paying by the megabyte though. Does anyone else have a lot of failures trying to download from the store? cheers,
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Oh, I forgot to say...

The error codes I get when the downloads fail are different... sometimes they are:

As well, I think one other error code... but I can not remember it - I may be mistaken.


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Hi Rene,

I will forward your suggestion to the development team.

Hal G.
Technical Support Team
Intel AppUp(SM) Developer Program
Intel AppUp(SM) center

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