How to check if user purchased In App upgrade

How to check if user purchased In App upgrade

Hi everyone I looked over the internet (maybe not well enough), and I could not find any guide on how to check if user has purchased In App upgrade (and how In App upgrade should be created - I have created another app in dashboard for paid version, but this is not what I want). Is there a simple way to check if user bought an upgrade? Sorry if this question was asked before, but I could not find any answer.
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In IADP, free upgrade to paid version need submit 2 different App (yes, two Apps, Two GUIDs).
And you can set a upgrade function in your free version.
and check out this article: Adding In-App Upgrade

OK, thanks a lot.

Another question now is, how AppUp store handles upgrade? Does it remove original application? Does it install second one? Do I have to make some nifty installer-but-no-installer if I want user to retain original app and only add registration info? And can I check from original app if user bought paid app?

Thanks in advance


If you have used the In-App Upgrade functionality in your app, then when a consumer is using the app, they will see more information (such as a button to click to Buy Full version) on how to upgrade or to get full version of the app. This is the In-App upgrade feature.

The In-App Upgrade feature will only take the user to the AppUp center and to that specific full version or upgrade of the app, then the user can decide if they want to proceed to get the full version. If they get the full version, it will not remove the demo version. It will install the second one as they are considered as different apps and they will have different name and GUIDs. Normally developers tend to use distinctive app name such as 'Pro', 'Lite', 'Demo', 'Trial', 'Premium', 'Gold', etc.. to distinguish between demos/trials and full versions of apps.

I hope this answers your questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other queries.


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Regards, DG Rooven

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