Audio not working through flash through iframe

Audio not working through flash through iframe

After jumping through many hoops we've decided to use soundmanager2 for our otherwise html5 game and run it through an iframe and have the game run on our server. We've gotten the game to start and play but there's still no sound. It works in every other platform though, just not appup. Odd thing is, it shouldn't even start if soundmanager doesn't start. Is there anyone out there that can enlighten us as to why the sound won't play? We have soundmanager running with flash 9, is that okay in appup?
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The current version of Encapsulator does not support HTML5 audio or video. We are currently upgrading the HTML engine in the Encapsulator to enhance the HTML5 support. I do not have a timeframe at this point, but will update this forum when I have more information.


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