Application license when using GPL library

Application license when using GPL library

Hi I am developing an application using the poppler library released under GPL license. Can I publish my application on AppUp and ask to pay for it. What kind of license should I use in this case ? thanks Bogdan
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You cannot publish as a prorprietary application an app using a GPL library (it would be possible if poppler was using LGPL). You will have to release your code and to make it available as a GPL application. It's still possible for you to publish it as a paid app : but you HAVE legally to publish your application with the GPL licence (and then, to publish you code), or to see with the authors of the code if you can have a commercial agreement.

See poppler's source code (README file) for clarification :
"Please note that xpdf, and thus poppler, is licensed under the GPL,
not the LGPL. Consequently, any application using poppler must also
be licensed under the GPL. If you want to incorporate Xpdf based PDF
rendering in a closed source product, please contact Glyph & Cog
( for commercial licensing options."

Thank you for your answer. It seems that I don"t have other choice than to release my application with poppler library under GPL v2 and to publish the sources. Is there a preferred way to publish the sources for applications submitted to AppUp program ?

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